Take a pulse check on your business

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Phocas Software can help you drill into any business data you can think of to get to the heart of your organisation. 

If you sell lots of different products, we understand time is precious, so getting to the nitty-gritty of your business data should not be slowing you down.

 To manage a growing business, you need the ability:

  • To Lead by providing direction and keep teams focused on goals with actionable insights to support key performance areas.
  • To Plan by giving you the ability to make strategic decisions about your business based on clear goals, plans and collaboration.
  • To Sell by gaining real value from your data which is customised to the needs of your business, without hours of manual setup.

 Phocas software can help you!

First         see the data – the dashboards give you the big picture
Second    drill into the detail to discover what’s really happening at the coalface not just in the office
Third       analyse what customers are buying and not buying so you can create opportunities and cross-sell

Phocas Software is ideal for the manufacturing, distribution and retail industries – really any business with a lot of data. Business leaders can see live, easy to understand, visualisations of a company’s vital metrics with the ability to drill into the data to uncover the facts in numbers. Phocas is simple to customise and pulls data from all your key data sources (including CRM, financials, inventory, and more) allowing you to analyse customer sales easily, identify trends and spot “slipping” accounts before it’s too late. 

Most businesses share common goals, including maximising orders, refining margins, meeting meaningful and trackable KPIs, all while providing superior customer service. Businesses need to be more strategic and data-driven to achieve this. Being able to drill down to granular data details to view margin by customer, product, product class or product category for optimal sales strategies and product mix decisions helps you do that. With Phocas, your data can deliver you a stock coverage report that is flexible, up-to-date and easy to access. Avoid “out of stock” situations, “deadstock” quantities and identify “slow-moving” stock before it becomes a problem.

Take your understanding of customers, their purchasing patterns, and market conditions to another level with Phocas.

Even if you’re an Excel extraordinaire, carve out 20 minutes to learn what it takes to bolt on a best of breed BI software solution, and see first-hand how it could be a game-changer for your business.

We’re happy to organise a no-obligation chat to see if Phocas Software is the right fit for you