When to GO-LIVE

Why you shouldn’t rush your implementation

It is common when implementing an ERP solution that customers choose to Go-Live on July 1st. Why? It’s neat – the first day of the financial year seems like a perfect date to start transacting on your live ERP.

Rushing your implementation to align with a date is the last thing you should do.

Implementing an ERP solution is no easy install and there are many steps involved to ensure the system is set up correctly, the data is correct and the processes are tailored to your business. ERP software is designed to improve the visibility of your financials, simplify your processes and completely change the way you manage your business – it is a complex solution and it takes careful planning and time to implement. An implementation typically takes between two and four months, up to six for more complex sites.

The phases for a successful ERP implementation area:

One area that is often under estimated by the customer is user testing. User testing should include every aspect of the ERP, such as :reports; dashboards; templates; data; processes; workflows – this will also highlight how much training will be required during the Outcomes phase. End user training should include user ID’s and user rights, knowledge of the software, navigation of the system, reporting, and workflows.

The above phases are based on the principle that work done at the front of the project lays a foundation for a successful implementation.

As each component of an implementation has its own level of complexity it is essential that every step is done right in the first place. The solution being the RIGHT FIT is vastly more important than the timing. 

You’ve invested for the long term and you don’t want to make the mistake of a rushed implementation. A successful implementation means being thorough and taking your time. You are much more likely to achieve a successful ERP experience and there should be less resistance to change.