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Welcome back to a brand new year. Hopefully you’re rested and excited about the New Year. A New Year is a great time to take stock and plan your year ahead. We all know the adage, ‘fail to plan = plan to fail’. Read on for our tips to a successful 2013.

For the second year in a row, Momentum Software Solutions has been nominated and made it to the finalist round of the Sunshine Coast Business Awards.  The awards are designed to recognise and celebrate the efforts and achievements of the diverse and dedicated Sunshine Coast business community and we are very proud to be part of this event.



If you can define your business processes and then build your system around them, you can transform your entire operational approach. With a complete integrated system you will have a unified management view of the business. You will be able to see the big picture as well as having the ability to drill down to the details when its necessary and be confident when making those critical business decisions.Has your business grown exponentially? Or is about to?

Well planned and executed StockTakes can add value to your business by:-

  • Ensuring accurate inventory is reflected in your system
  • Reducing shrinkage
  • Identifying risk areas or poor warehouse practices

Attached are some suggested StockTake procedures based on our experience in mid-large warehouses

Strong relationships with your customers are essential to business success. With MYOB EXO Business and social media, you cangrow these precious relationships and maximise your business potential. 

Last week Momentum were lucky enough to join the Sunshine Coast Council, Maroochy Chamber of Commerce, Aeromil Pacific, IPA, Business Conferences Sunshine Coast,  Tracknology, ASV Audio Visual and Brett’s Plants in a double booth at the Surat Basin Energy & Mining EXPO.

Some of our clients report that this area of MYOB EXO Finance is confusing. The purpose of this document is to explain the process more clearly and provide a recommended process.

Points to consider when changing an employee’s pay frequency, eg from weekly to fortnightly

Here's some thoughts on Dead and excess inventory. What is Dead stock?  Your stocked products that haven't sold for a certain length of time (usually a year).

Turning excess inventory into cash is good. But before you put considerable effort into a dead stock liquidation program, be sure that you are currently "buying right" – that is, be sure you are ordering the right quantities, of the right items, at the right time.


These checks should be completed monthly, finding any discrepancies as they arise.

If you are not reconciling monthly (highly recommended), do a reconciliation at the end of April or May. Doing this in April or May gives you time to investigate any imbalances found without the pressure of June 30 looming. Also at June 30, you will only have one or two months to reconcile.