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Good Practice StockTake Procedures

18th July, 2012

Well planned and executed StockTakes can add value to your business by:-

Start a more social conversation with your customers

2nd July, 2012

Strong relationships with your customers are essential to business success.

Surat Basin Energy & Mining Expo

26th June, 2012

Last week Momentum were lucky enough to join the Sunshine Coast Council, Maroochy Chamber of Commerce, Aeromil Pacific, IPA, Business Conferences S

Understanding Debtors Payments and Banking Batches

13th June, 2012

Some of our clients report that this area of MYOB EXO Finance is confusing.

Changing an Employees Pay Frequency

6th June, 2012

Points to consider when changing an employee’s pay frequency, eg from weekly to fortnightly

Inventory Management & Dead Stock

18th May, 2012

Here's some thoughts on Dead and excess inventory.

How to perform Reconciliations using MYOB EXO Payroll

1st May, 2012


These checks should be completed monthly, finding any discrepancies as they arise.

How to Manage Customer Special Pricing in EXO Business (Price Policies)

28th February, 2012

Price Policies are one of the strongest features in MYOB EXO Business. They enable price 'rules' to be automated meaning manual price lists can be eliminated.

How to check who is logged into MYOB EXO Business

21st February, 2012

A step by step guide on how to check who is logged into MYOB EXO Business

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