The offer is available from 1 August 2023 to 4pm AEST on 30 November 2023, unless otherwise varied by us.


The offer is strictly limited to current Momentum and MYOB customers with an active service for at least one Legacy Product who take out an MYOB Advanced subscription including committing to a minimum subscription term of 15 months.

To be eligible, you must commit to an MYOB Advanced subscription that meets your genuine business needs, and you must proactively engage with the Momentum MYOB Advanced implementation process.  Put another way, the number of paid users or employees under your new MYOB Advanced subscription(s) must be a reasonable estimate of your business needs, and not merely a token or trial MYOB Advanced subscription.

This offer is only available to customers whose Momentum billing is up to date, with no outstanding invoices in arrears.


In these terms:

Start Date means the date when your MYOB Advanced subscription starts.

Discount Period means the period of 15 months from your MYOB Advanced subscription Start Date.

MYOB Advanced means MYOB Advanced (all ERP editions), MYOB Advanced Payroll and MYOB Advanced Workforce Management base inclusions only.

Legacy Product means MYOB Exo Business and MYOB Exo Employee Services.


If you are eligible and you accept this offer, you’ll receive:

  • 30% MYOB Advanced base subscription for 15 months;
  • Waiver or refund of Legacy Product fees; and
  • Ongoing access to your Legacy Product for archival purposes;
    as outlined below.

30% MYOB Advanced base subscription for 15 months

You’ll receive 30% off your MYOB Advanced base subscription fees for 15 months from your Start Date. Your Eligible Product subscription will revert to standard pricing at the end of the Discount Period.

MYOB sometimes offers new MYOB Advanced customers 3 months free in their Initial Period.  By accepting this offer, you are not eligible to receive that 3 months free offer.
For up to date information on pricing, contact Momentum.

Waiver or refund of fees for your functional equivalent Legacy Product

Momentum or MYOB will waive the software maintenance and/or licence fees for your functionally equivalent Legacy Product for the Discount Period.  If you migrate to MYOB Advanced Payroll and/or MYOB Advanced Workforce Management, the fees for your payroll Legacy Product will be waived or refunded (as applicable).  If you migrate to MYOB Advanced ERP, your fees for ERP Legacy Product will be waived (as applicable).  If you migrate to MYOB Advanced ERP as well as MYOB Advanced Payroll and/or MYOB Advanced, then your fees for your payroll and ERP Legacy Products will be waived.

If you’ve already prepaid fees for your relevant Legacy Product for the Discount Period, we’ll refund or credit that portion of the Legacy Product fees.  

Ongoing access to your Legacy Product for archival purposes

Momentum or MYOB will give you ongoing access to your functional equivalent Legacy Product for no charge.

The right to use your relevant Legacy Product applies only to that Legacy Product which is functionally equivalent to your new MYOB Advanced service.

Momentum and MYOB will honour your current usage rights (including number of paid users) for your relevant Legacy Product until 3 months after your MYOB Advanced go live date (Transition Date).

After the Transition Date, Momentum and MYOB will give you use of your relevant Legacy Product for reporting and archival purposes only (limit to one user) for no charge.  Any Legacy Product use beyond this single user access after the Transition Date will be subject to additional fees.

Momentum and MYOB will continue to give you free use of your relevant Legacy Product for one user for the life of your equivalent MYOB Advanced subscription, subject to the following:

  • Momentum or MYOB may terminate your free use of your Legacy Product at any time after the Transition Date by giving you at least 90 days notice including if MYOB decides cease offering or supporting your Legacy Product; and
  • Momentum or MYOB may (at our option) suspend or terminate your use of the Legacy Product if you breach any MYOB terms of use or fail to pay fees due to MYOB in connection with your MYOB Advanced subscription or any other MYOB product or service.

Your use of the Legacy Product during the free period remains subject to the Legacy Product’s terms of use or licence agreement.  Your use of the Legacy Product might be impacted by a future end-of-support or end-of-life for that Legacy Product.  MYOB will notify you of any planned end-of-support or end-of-life for your Legacy Product.


Complete the “Migrate and Save” form on our Website:-

Or email enquiries@momentumss.com.au notifying us of your expression of interest.  One of our sales team will contact you to discuss the process.


The offer does not include anything that falls outside the standard inclusions of an MYOB Advanced subscription. For example, the offer does not cover implementation services, consulting services or support plans.


An implementation of MYOB Advanced can be completed in approx. 20% less than a standard ERP Implementation when the customer is migrating from MYOB EXO.

This achieved in 3 ways:-
1) Migration Tools enabling Momentum to extract key data from MYOB EXO and either import it into MYOB Advanced for you, or export to Excel so you can review and cleanse before we import it.

2) Online Training options which if completed by the client will reduce the time needed for consultant delivered training as your team will have an understanding of the basics.  https://academy.myob.com/

3) Momentum already has a good understanding of your current business processes and how EXO is used.  This helps reduce time spent on discovery / solution design.

Note:- Customers should be aware that migrating from MYOB EXO to MYOB Advanced is NOT an upgrade.  It is a full ERP implementation.  MYOB Advanced is not MYOB EXO in the cloud.  It has many similar features but equally has a different look and feel, modules, screens, workflows and reports.  It is also relevant to note that customer may want to change their processes as part of moving to a new ERP and accordingly this would form part of the discovery / solution design process.


Customers accepting the Migration Offer will receive post Go-Live Support from the Go-Live Date (for whichever module/s go live first) until the first Month-End.  This applies to the first modules going live only (usually Financials and/or Payroll).  After the first Month-End your Momentum Support Plan will apply.  The free support offer is capped at 30 hours of support.


Your use of the MYOB products will be subject to the relevant MYOB product terms of use.

We reserve the right to discontinue the offer at any time.  We will honour the offer if you’ve accepted prior to it being discontinued.

We reserve the right to rescind any discounts or benefits provided to you under the offer if: you don’t comply with the relevant MYOB product terms of use or these offer terms; you terminate your MYOB Advanced subscription; you fail to pay all fees due to Momentum or MYOB within 14 days of the due date or within 3 business days of receiving a reminder notice (whichever is later); or in our opinion you are trying to obtain benefits from the offer that you’re not reasonably entitled to.

This offer is not transferable and not refundable.