Are you under utilising your ERP Software?

How ongoing training saves you time and money

Not using ERP software to its full potential is like not using all the milk before its expiry date – but on a grand scale. Software under utilisation simply costs your business money.

People involved in the initial software evaluation, selection, implementation and training, learn how to use features and benefit from improved processes and automation. However, as the company grows, the team changes, turnover takes place, software utilisation decreases. As new people receive training from employees who only show them the basics to get the job done, further under utilisation occurs.

Suddenly, a team who was using 80% of the functionality of the software is now using 60%.

This could be avoided with the adoption of new features and ongoing training.

Upgrades are designed for users to adopt new features and to make processes more effective and efficient. Your business could be missing out on new features that could help simplify a process, create insight into data that may not have been accessible prior and more. In many cases upgrades also provide significant improvements to features that you are already using.

Adopting new features can often help to reduce time, effort and resources spent on daily repetitive tasks, freeing up employees to focus on more meaningful work. Therefore simplifying business processes and bringing greater connectivity across a business.

One of the top causes for poor software utilisation is lack of ongoing training.

It’s easy to think that once initial training has been complete and critical features have been learnt training ends. Whilst training employees how to use ERP software in the implementation stage is vital, it’s just as important to continue ongoing training.

ERP software is constantly evolving and new features and improvements are continuously being added in every upgrade. Therefore capitalising on your ERP investment means continuous learning and training is critical in ensuring your business and your employees are getting the most out of your software.

Training should first and foremost empower employees to continue to be productive doing their everyday tasks, and then provide additional benefits by way of new features and opportunities.

Ongoing software training can also instil a culture of continuous learning, improvement and problem solving. Empowered, well-trained staff possess the self-motivation to actively seek out solutions. Not only that, employees who are well-trained and who have ample opportunities for professional development feel valued, which increases the likelihood of retention. By ensuring staff member have regular, relevant training to updated their essential skills, your are keeping them interested and motivated.

Software under utilisation costs businesses time and money. Create an empowered user base which maximises the use of your ERP software saving time and ensuring you capitalize on your return on investment.

The more you utilise your ERP software, the more bang for your buck!