How CRM can help your business

We talk to many businesses that have not experienced CRM software before.  CRM is one of those acronyms that can mean many things.  Sometimes customers tell us “we don’t have a marketing department so we wouldn’t use it.”

I’d suggest that if any of the following apply to your business then CRM would help:-

  • You have customers and want to proactively follow them up (for sales or relationship building)
  • You want to gain new customers
  • You issue quotes to your customers or prospects (quotes might relate to sales or jobs)
  • You want a forecast of your likely sales / jobs based on the quotes you’ve issued
  • You want to email your customers or prospects
  • You want to track the costs, leads, revenue, ROI on a marketing activity

Here’s just one example of a common scenario:-  You met Bill Smith a year ago and he was interested in your product or service.  The deal didn’t go ahead at the time but you kept him on your database and he received newsletters from your company.  Months later Bill calls and wants to discuss trading with you.  You go straight to his record and can review why he didn’t go ahead last time and be ready to overcome those objections now.  If your CRM is integrated you can issue a quote for your product or service using whatever pricing you wish to offer.  You can file your emails and notes as you go and set reminders to follow up.  Bill places his first order and you ‘convert’ him.  Because his details are in CRM it’s a click or 2 to convert him from a prospect to a customer and the quote to an order (or job).

MYOB EXO CRM is a great way to manage any (or all) of the above and can help transform your business into a sales focussed business

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