How to get more from your MYOB ERP Solution

Would you spend $50k on a car and then not maintain it, service it, or even wash it?

I doubt it… Now look under the hood of your business… how’s the engine (ERP solution) running in your business?

You most likely initially invested in it to solve inefficient processes, integrate business units, improve workflows, and enable visibility of real-time financial information– now and in the future.

A considerable amount of money was invested in that engine, and not servicing (ok upgrading) essentially means your engine is missing out on new technology and tools as it is further developed and improved. So much for future proofing! Your engine will keep going… lumbering down the road until someone takes pity on it and invests in a good overhaul.

“But we’re too busy – we don’t have the time!” is the phrase we often hear. You wouldn’t say that about servicing your car and you shouldn’t say it about your ERP software.

NOT upgrading does NOT make good business sense – It’s simply unsustainable.

This mentality also undoes any “future proofing” as the software is only developed up until its release. It can’t improve until the next release and so on. If you miss a few releases then your software is well and truly out of date.

MYOB is the No. 1 ERP seller in Australia and New Zealand

Upgrades are released regularly and often include new features, improving workflows, increasing time and cost saving efficiencies and technical fixes.

The reason we partner with MYOB is that it is the No. 1 ERP seller in Australia and New Zealand and has an enormous amount of resources invested in its products. What this means is both its cloud-based and on-premise solutions have significant teams devoted to developing the products to ensure:

  • They take advantage of new technology
  • The software can integrate with a vast array of add-ons
  • Efficiencies and workflows are constantly improved
  • Compliancy is always current.

“Studies have shown that over a ten year period, customers who upgrade their software and learn about new features, on the whole, have a much greater level of satisfaction than those that don’t.”

If you have fallen in to the trap of “We are way too busy to worry about upgrades” think about the investment you have made  – monetary and time based – to get your ERP solution up and running to suit your own business needs and then think of how long it has been since you have had an upgrade.

Is your business engine running a little rough under the hood?

It may well be because you’re on an old version of your software that may not run so well on other software that is automatically upgraded.

Not only are you missing out on all the nice fixes that make your engine run like a Ferrari, but you’re also missing out on all the amazing features, dashboards, wiki’s etc. that make your engine run like a 21st century Tesla. What are you waiting for?

Call us to chat about upgrading your ERP solution and we’ll talk you through the processes and book a time to suit your needs.