Get Paid Faster

One add-on that lives in the Multi-Cloud World MCW that we recommend is ezyCollect. ezyCollect is a simple plug and play Accounts Receivable System that integrates perfectly with MYOB Advanced.
What does ezyCollect do?

  • Gives you a complete snapshot of your accounts receivable data;
  • Gives you a methodical process to keep your cash flow in order;
  • Reduces collection tasks saving you time and money and freeing up your accounting staff;
  • Automates your debtor administration tasks;
  • Automates the overdue invoice reminder process;
  • Syncs your accounting data with ezyCollect – no data entry needed;
  • Gives you a ‘to-call’ list of customers who haven’t responded to email reminders;
  • Customise to communicate with your customers with your own branding and language;
  • Customise communication schedules;
  • Improves your cash flow with best practice debtor processes and credit control;
  • Convenient payment experience for your customers;
  • Ability to escalate problem debtors to your preferred specialist debtor recovery agencies;

ezyCollect integrates seamlessly with MYOB Advanced to deliver real-time accounts receivable data. You can make better business decisions with greater insights into your cash flow.

ezyCollect is designed to get you paid faster and make it easier for your customers to pay you. Customers can click a ‘pay now’ button on your invoice which leads them straight to the payments portal listing all their unpaid invoices.
We not only recommend it – we use it. If you would like to see how ezyCollect can work for your business click here and we will organise a free demonstration for you.

Or you can visit their website here