MYOB Advanced Construction

The first business management platform in Australia designed to help you nail trust account compliance.

For construction businesses who need to meet QBCC Trust Account framework compliance obligations, MYOB Advanced Construction provides smart tools to support these requirements.

Built with industry consultants, MYOB Advanced Construction simplifies complex compliance for project and retention trust accounts. The platform helps you manage multiple ledgers, supports risk identification, and simplifies reporting across multiple accounts and projects.

How MYOB Advanced Construction makes compliance easy

Trust Ledger Management

Streamline ledger management by automating the input of deposits and withdrawals
across separate project and retention trust ledgers.

Trust Account Reconciliation

Avoid lengthy manual processes, quickly identify mistakes and detect fraud
with streamlined reconciliations and statements.

Simplified Reporting and Notifications

Save time and stay compliant with easy access to real-time data, auto-generated notifications, and pre-defined reports for QBCC, beneficiaries, principals, and auditors.

Safeguard Transaction Records

Keep transaction records safe and secure,
within the platform, for the necessary

Simple Payment Setup

Easily set up projects and subcontractors for accurate and trackable payments including retention amounts.


Understand your compliance obligations and streamline your reporting requirements.

  • Get training and guidance on the setup of project and retention trust accounts within MYOB Advanced Construction
  • Easily set up projects and subcontractors for accurate and trackable payments, including retention amounts.
  • Meet your compliance obligations with the use of pre-defined reports for QBCC, beneficiaries, principles or external auditors.
  • Access accurate, real-time data across all projects and trust accounts.


Smart tools to support day-to-day transactions and reporting to help you remain compliant.

  • Keep transaction records safe and secure, with the platform, for the required amount of time.
  • Access a suite of required reports, designed to help you comply with legislation.
  • Streamline ledger management with automated population of deposits and withdrawals across multiple project and retention trust ledgers.
  • Easily send notifications to beneficiaries and principals using pre-defined templates.
  • Quickly identify mistakes and detect fraud with streamlined reconciliations and statements.

MYOB Advanced Construction

The MYOB Advanced Construction, as part of the MYOB Advanced cloud platform, is designed specifically for construction companies and subcontractors to effectively manage entire projects end-to-end using any device.

  • Proactively identify problem areas in current jobs
  • Accurately estimate future projects
  • Increase collaboration across teams
  • Streamline time-intensive processes to avoid delayed projects. 

Upgrading to a cloud platform for construction like MYOB Advanced will set your business up for continued success. Increase collaboration, streamline operations and get the visibility you need to keep projects, budgets and timelines on track.

More features within the Construction Business Management Platform

Job Costing

  • Easily manage AP workflows, from entering an invoice through approval routing and issuing cheques
  • Seamless customer billing, driven by real-time project costing, including up-to-date costs on labour, material, equipment, and more
  • Detailed job cost information to identify problem areas and accurately estimate future projects

Project Management

  • Gain a complete view of your project details including real-time field updates
  • Provide instantaneous information flow between your project management team, back-office workforce, and management
  • Easily manage and track all activities, issues, changes, project documents, and job costs from one central area


  • Control cost overruns by automating your project commitments and change order processes
  • Easily create and track the status of your subcontracts and purchase orders
  • Compare budgets to actuals, track line-item committed costs, and monitor up-to-date vendor payment status


  • Effectively manage deed of release, insurance certificates, and status updates
  • Provide expiration and other alerts to staff and suppliers

Daily Field Reports

  • Streamline field management with daily field reports
  • Time collection, subcontractor updates, and job site visitor data all recorded
  • Issue and variation request tracking and job site weather updates

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Award Winning Construction Software Experts

Momentum Software Solutions are award winning, cloud ERP experts. As one of three partners across Australia and New Zealand to have achieved a Diamond Partner status, Momentum have established our reputation as leading cloud ERP experts. In 2022, Momentum was named MYOB Partner of the Year, and was awarded the MYOB Construction Partner of the Year for 2022.

The MYOB Construction Partner of the Year award recognizes Momentum’s proficiency in providing cloud-based ERP software solutions for the construction industry. Over the last few years, Momentum has demonstrated its aptitude and experience in the construction sector, and this accolated from MYOB and the feedback from our MYOB Advanced Construction users bear testament to our expertise in the construction domain.