Outgrowing Xero and looking for a solution that supports your growing business needs?

When first starting out, business decisions are often based on cost, which makes accounting software like Xero a fitting solution. Accounting software provides basic accounting functionality which is generally suitable for sole traders or small businesses. Because of its reduced functionality and features, simple accounting packages are easy to use and are offered at an affordable, appealing price. The downside? A successful small business will outgrow basic accounting software very quickly.

As a business grows in size and complexity, accounting software like Xero can no longer support operations to a satisfactory level. Accounting software lacks the complexity to manage larger business processes and requirements. Consequently, many mid-sized businesses come to a stage where processes are manual, complex, challenging to manage and will start to consider the transition to a more sophisticated and better equipped ERP solution like MYOB Advanced.

10 signs you’ve outgrown Xero

Xero is slowing down or timing out

Add-ons are adding up

Can’t access accurate business insights in real-time

You can’t access local, specialist support

Takes days or weeks to produce accounts or end of month reports

Customisation is limited

You can’t get technical support when you need it

You can’t control user access

You’re still manually approving

You need multiple company files

If your business is experiencing any of the above then it might be time to consider an all-in-one integrated cloud ERP solution. MYOB Advanced is designed for medium to large businesses who have outgrown their off-the-shelf accounting package. As a scalable solution that grows with your business, it can be tailored to your unique growing business needs, allowing you to get a completed end-to-end view of all business processes.

Single platform that grows with your business

Work anywhere, anytime in a secure cloud solution

Local professional support and expert knowledge

How MYOB Advanced solves Xero customer challenges

When Xero clients have transaction levels in excess of 1000 invoices per month, there are performance issues. MYOB Advanced is capable of much higher volumes without performance issues.

Though Xero is able to be extended through Add-ons like Unleashed (additional cost), MYOB Advanced has inventory out-of-the-box which makes it the favourite for wholesale and other inventory based businesses.

MYOB Advanced provides real-time insights and total control of your bottom line, across multiple entities, multiple lines of business, even multiple countries. It increases cash flow and reduces collection time through automation, Xero relies on a manual process to follow-up on outstanding debt.

Businesses who require workflow processes and approvals would benefit strongly from MYOB Advanced, as Xero does not have role-based access or approvals in the native platform.

Xero only offer email support, and for clients who have heavy daily operational reliance on their systems to trade, you need a systems partner who you can call for urgent help. Using MYOB Advanced, Momentum offers one Point of contact to resolve any issues.

Xero is limited to one entity per subscription so does not natively handle intercompany transactions without the use of Add-Ons.

Xero does not offer role-based access to the system, whereas MYOB Advanced does this out of the box. Restricting access depending on the user allows businesses to safeguard data from fraud, provide audit trails in the event of the data breach, and control workflows without presenting gaps or loopholes in your system.

MYOB Advanced can simplify the needs of a growing business that uses Xero + multiple Add-ons. Growing businesses are often looking for a central contact who is responsible for their system, rather than multiple personnel and apps.

Feature Comparison

“I haven’t spoken to anyone that MYOB Advanced wouldn’t work for, purely because of the scalability of it. You can grow as big as you want and there’s no handbrake forcing you to change systems again”.

 Nathan Vickery, Director – Vickery Holdings

A Connected Business with MYOB Advanced

One unified, end-to-end ERP solution

  • Simplify financial management with industry leading multi-entity workflows​
  • Unify business systems and data with a cloud ERP that integrates systems so you have a single source of truth and single system to manage​
  • Anytime, anywhere access with cloud ERP​
  • Enterprise grade security and data backup​
  • Reduce costs and complexity of IT management with SaaS solution​
  • Industry leading API technology to simplify connecting to 3rd party solutions and add-on​

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