Momentum Report Scheduler

Reporting Made Simple

If you’re using MYOB EXO and need to distribute clarity reports to multiple people across your organisation, Momentum Report Scheduler can save you hours each week. Momentum Report Scheduler is an add-on that fully integrates with MYOB EXO, and allows you to easily distribute clarity reports to multiple people across your organisation. Simply schedule when you want the report to be run, and it will be emailed to your recipient as a PDF. The beauty of Momentum Report Scheduler is that once you’ve created your schedules, the reports will be sent out with no further action required on your part, so you can simply set and forget. It’s that easy!

Access to real time information

With greater visibility and access to critical business information at your fingertips, managers are better placed to make important business decisions. Staff no longer have to run and send reports manually, saving time and increasing productivity across your business.

Key Features:

  • Schedule any clarity report to be run, exported to a PDF, and emailed to multiple recipients
  • Clarity reports can relate to any installed MYOB EXO module, such as Job Costing, CRM, Fixed Assets etc.
  • Setup recurring schedules, for e.g. every Monday at 8am
  • Select any report parameters when creating your schedule, for e.g. choose the service branch for the report going to the service manager
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