Simplifying your Leave Management process with MYOB Workforce Management

From an employees’ perspective leave management is as simple as requesting time off and it is either approved or denied. From the employer’s perspective it is a whole lot more complex.

Behind the scenes leave management encompasses a range of elements that without an integrated system can be difficult to manage. Managing leave means connecting the dots between different parts of the business. Checking that the employee has accrued enough leave, considering the coverage needs of the department, rostering another staff member on or reassigning tasks to another person, and communicating with Payroll so the employee is paid accurately. These are just some of the processes that need to be accounted for when managing leave.

Times these processes by 100 employees and it’s an enormous task for any business to manage. When managing leave manually, it can be error-prone, lost or delayed for a number of reasons. Employees may be approved for leave they haven’t accrued yet. Employees can be scheduled to work when they’re away. Payroll may be inaccurate. It all adds up to wasted time, disrupted workflow and frustration for you and your employees.

With the right software like MYOB Workforce Management, you can ensure managing leave is a simple, streamlined and accurate process rather than disconnected and disruptive. MYOB Workforce Management allows you to integrate your leave management with your Payroll, so you get an effective end-to-end process with full visibility at every stage. It’s designed to reduce errors, save time and simplify the leave process for everyone involved.

Here are just some of the leave management features within MYOB Workforce Management:

Viewing and approvals: visibility for everyone

In order for employees to manage their own leave more effectively, MYOB Workforce Management software allows employees and managers access to up-to-date leave balances at all times. Employees can log in to check their balances and can even see projected future balances, making it easier to plan upcoming holidays etc.

Managers get instant alerts when employees apply for leave and can approve, decline or edit. Once leave is booked, it is visible in upcoming rosters. This results in less room for error and less frustration for all.

Blackout periods: making leave work for your business

Employees are entitled to leave, but that doesn’t mean every request will fit with the needs of the business. MYOB Workforce Management platform includes a Blackout feature that lets you select certain periods where leave is discouraged. This sets the expectation that employees will be available at that time of the year, helps them plan holidays and avoids disappointment when leave requests are turned down.

Unavailability: balancing work, life and rosters

Recurring leave is very common in businesses with a large number of employees working in different shifts and roles. MYOB Workforce Management includes an unavailability tool which lets employees block out one-off periods or recurring slots of time when they can’t work. The system simplifies staffing for managers, reduces errors and ensures all the information is at their fingertips.

Rostering and payroll: avoiding clashes, boosting accuracy

MYOB Workforce Management integrates seamlessly with rostering and payroll helping eliminate scheduling errors and payroll mistakes. Once leave is approved, its automatically shared to rostering. Auto-generated rostering won’t included employees who are on leave, making it error-free and easy to manage.

Leave is automatically integrated with payroll, ensuring employees are paid accurately and leave balances are updated to reflect leave taken.

Overall, leave management can be a complex and challenging process without sophisticated leave management software. Because leave affects so many parts of a business, shifting from paper, manual based process to a centralized digital platform can be a transformational step for any business, giving you:

  • Increased visibility
  • Reduced errors
  • Time savings
  • Decreased frustration for employees and employers
  • Improved accessibility

Learn more about MYOB Workforce Management here or get in contact with us today for a demo to see leave management within MYOB Workforce Management in action.