How to identify an EXO ready client

MYOB EXO is very competitive in the area where business are heading to outgrow their off-the-shelf business / accounting software. Although we are targeting businesses with ideally 10-20 or more employees, we have provided some useful guildelines for you below.

Our ideal customer has one or more of the following attributes:

  • Turnover from $10m – $100m or more (although we have clients between $2 & $5m)
  • Greater than 15 employees (although we do have customers with as little as three)
  • Operates from multiple locations or offices
  • Business is divisonalised
  • Stock / Inventory in multiple locations

They man require:

  • A flexible solution that is customised
  • Branch / Divisonal control and reporting
  • Reports
  • Advanced Inventory Management
  • Alternate Suppliers,
  • Forecast Orders
  • Advanced Job Costing & Quoting
  • Multi-Currency