Why Millennials ERP expectations will benefit everyone

Millennials are a demanding bunch. Born between 1981 and 1996, they’re often referred to as “digital natives” which is another way of saying they have grown up using technology for nearly everything including entertainment, banking, shopping, social, news and so on. For this bunch 24/7 connectivity, and constant improvement, is the baseline. Their expectations are not just for their personal devices however, they have the same expectation for their professional software. 

So what are their expectations with ERP software? 

Awesome UI & UX 

The UI (User Interface) needs to be crisp, clean, and modern. Easy to use, making their UX (User Experience) a great experience. UX is the design of the software that makes it meaningful, relevant and memorable. We’ve all used an App where we’ve said – Wow that is a cool feature. That’s great UX.  

Picture this – you’re at an online shopping cart having finally sourced the video doorbells you’ve been thinking about for ages. You type in the credit card details and click confirm payment. UX is the difference between these messages. 

“Credit Card failed. Try again” 

“Oops! Looks like something went wrong there. Try again” 

UX includes branding, design, usability and function. Both the UI and the UX are crucial to Millennials.  

Mobility & Cloud 

ERP in the cloud, just makes sense. The cloud makes it accessible from anywhere and cheaper. No server is required, less IT support, and no worries about upgrades. Mobility means the ERP can be accessed from the boardroom, the airport, out on the road, from home or if necessary on holiday. Millennials like checking in and constant connection makes it very flexible. 

Kick-ass Analytics 

Millennials aren’t interested in scrolling through multiple spreadsheets to see how their business is doing. They want funky customisable dashboards with drill down capability. They want easy to access reports with real-time data so they can solve problems, and make informed decisions. They want organisation wide insight at the click of a button.  

Ease of Use 

This ties in with the UI and UX, but it must be easy to use. No hidden tabs, clunky workflows – it should be obvious and easy. Navigation should be smooth, and the search tool should be quick.  


Millennials like to collaborate and the ERP system should encourage this, it should be integrated and easily accessible. 

Millennials might be demanding, but hey, why not? Wouldn’t all of the above be great for everyone?  

MYOB Advanced addresses all of the above. MYOB are constantly improving, tweaking, and upgrading to ensure their software is at its peak. That’s why it is the NO 1 selling ERP in ANZ.