Why you need a partner not a vendor when shopping for an ERP

If you’re about to invest in an ERP solution for your growing business you want to make sure you’re getting sound advice, and the best customer support available. After all you are putting your business in someone else’s hands and there needs to be a high level of trust and confidence in their ability to deliver and support you through this huge change.

In this highly competitive market you can take one of two paths; purchase directly through the software vendor themselves or choose a partner. Understand the difference between a vendor and a partner is very important when you’re looking at investing in a long term solution.

Vendor Implementation

Whilst on paper it might make sense to purchase software directly from a well recognised brand, there are drawbacks.

Software vendor relationships can be more of a transactional nature. You purchase the software, they implement it with minimal customisation. There is no relationship as such and you may deal with a different consultant every time you make contact, which might mean you are repeating yourself when outlining the question or issue. Consistency is a challenge.

There may be minimal option for tailoring software to your business processes and you may end up having to change your processes to suit the out-of-the-box solution.

Support is more often than not, a call centre (possibly offshore) and you may have call queues.

Software vendors develop great software – that is not a secret. However, whilst they are throwing dollars at developing the software they often don’t know the nuances of implementing it or more importantly understanding the right fit for the buyer.

Software vendors are focused on stockholders expectations and reaching benchmarks for investors often resulting in making a sale for the sake of making a sale. In other words, they may sell software to a business that is not the best fit, resulting in a poor customer experience. In these situations, it is always the customer that loses out.

Purchasing from a Partner

Purchasing from a partner or VAR (value added reseller), means exactly that – they add valaue to the product and your business. They form a relationship with you and go to great lengths to ensure they completely understand your business, your processes, your why’s and your how’s. Your lead implementation consultant often becomes your dedicated account manager who will take the time to help you improve your efficiencies and recommend solutions to suit your business requirements.

Whether your business is a team of five or five hundred your partner should help you take your business to the next level by ensuring the software is the right fit for your business.

Personalised and professional support from a team who already understands your business. Everything is in-house, and all knowledge is shared, which means not only do you get personalised support but there are a variety of people on standby that can help you.

Cloud based software is regularly updated and evolving and this naturally requires an ongoing relationship as your partner can help your businesses to adapt to the changes and utilise the ever-growing list of features and benefits.

A partner can also recommend additional products and services that in addition to your software can help your business achieve greater productivity and efficiency.

Your business has a mission and so do we. Ours is we work with our customer to take their business to the next level, by delivering tailored software solutions through partnerships, cooperation and trust. We do that by forming long lasting relationships with our customers.

Momentum are committed to customer service, problem solving and understanding the problems that businesses face and provide long term solutions. Our visions is “Empowering People in Business”. To earn customers’ loyalty, we listen to them, anticipate their needs and act to create value in their eyes.

In short – We add value.