Momentum Approval Advantage + Requisitions

At Momentum we have developed a range of MYOB Exo add-ons to meet our client’s individual business needs. We call these tools add-ons because they had functionality to your business management suite.

We have recently developed and launched the Momentum Requisitions Module which now works in tandem with Momentum Approval Advantage. The solution is designed to streamline your invoice, purchase order and requisition approval process in MYOB Exo.

Momentum Approval Advantage + Requisitions reduces time and effort spent managing approvals by providing a unified view of all creditor invoices, purchase orders and requisition across multiple company databases. From a single screen staff can view, query approve and reject all invoices and purchase orders and requisitions. Momentum Approval Advantage + Requisitions also automates the filing of scanned invoices and the generation of purchase orders for approved requisitions and eliminates the need for circulating hard copies for sign-off, streamlining the approval process.

For greater control, user security levels can be enabled to ensure staff can only query, approve or reject creditor invoices purchase orders and requisitions if they have the required level of authority These restrictions can be applied to individual databases and branches, and approval limits can be set for each user. Purchase orders can also be set to automatically generate once a requisition is approved, reducing workload.

Key features include:

  • Unified view of invoices, purchase orders and requisitions requiring approval, including for multiple Exo databases
  • Automates the filing of scanned invoices by supplier, year and invoice number
  • Ability to automate the authorisation and creation of the purchase order where it is linked to an approved requisition
  • Eliminates the need for circulating hard copies for approval and the associated time delay and cost in the authorisation process, or worse, the time and cost of documents lost during the authorisation process
  • View, query, approve and reject invoices, purchase orders and requisitions
  • Enable user security levels
  • Set approval limits for each user

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