MYOB releases cloud solution for Construction Industry

MYOB has released the MYOB Advanced Construction Edition – cloud-based software designed specifically for the construction industry to effectively manage construction projects with complete real-time visibility. Being in the cloud, this solution allows contractors and builders to manage complex projects and budgets on any device, anywhere at any time. 

The construction edition is the latest industry-focused solution in MYOB’s mid-market portfolio, following on from the release of the MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition.  

MYOB Head of Product Enterprise, Frank Feustel says “The MYOB Advanced Construction Edition has been developed to be the single source of truth, providing project managers with real-time visibility across all elements of their project, as well as insights that equip them with all they need to know to make informed, strategic decisions and ensure their project remains on time and on budget – anytime, anywhere and on any device.” 

“Effective project management solutions can be critical to the delivery of successful outcomes for builders, contractors and project managers, not to mention their clients,” Mr. Feustel said. 

“We’ve heard from our customers about the many issues they face when managing their projects, budgets and contracts, particularly when they’re on site, so we knew it was important that we deliver an effective cloud solution that would help resolve these.   

The MYOB Advanced Construction Edition proactively identifies problem areas in current jobs, accurately estimates future projects, increases collaboration across teams and streamlines time-intensive processes to avoid delayed projects. The software helps users gain complete control over their projects and connect with their teams, with key features solving common pain-points.  

  • Project complexities are reduced, and time-sensitive processes are streamlined – with budgets, teams and schedules all captured in one cloud platform. 
  • Team collaboration is improved, with access to the same project information whenever, wherever they’re using the software – this enables easy communication around project updates. 
  • Fast and accurate insights – thanks to real-time visibility – means issues can be spotted and addressed quickly. 
  • Budgeting and forecasts are more accurate, with the ability to anticipate changes in project scope and any associated impact on costs on existing projects. Users will also be able to estimate costs for future jobs. 

This latest construction ERP solution offers valuable solutions to challenges often experienced by those in the industry.  

“Work in the construction sector is high value but it also comes with high risk, and a big part of our commitment to shoring up the survival and success of local contractors and builders is helping them to manage this risk,” Mr. Feustel said. 

“In addition to providing them with an end-to-end platform that helps keep work to time and budget, this also means supporting them to meet compliance requirements that are crucial to their ability to deliver their projects.” 

Read more about the launch of MYOB Advanced Construction Edition or contact Momentum today for more information.  

Source: MYOB