A modern approach to budgeting & forecasting with Phocas

Better predict what is going to happen in your business with a more agile, efficient and streamlined approach to budgeting and forecasting.

Built using the latest technologies, Phocas Budgeting and Forecasting is a dynamic and user-friendly cloud-based solution that automates the manual budgeting process. Easily integrated with MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo, all your data and reports are saved in the cloud, enabling you to securely access your financial budget plans and forecasts and seek feedback from area owners with a workflow-based financial budget approval process. The solution provides an intuitive Phocas interface, while retaining familiar spreadsheet formats to accelerate adoption.

With user-friendly workflows you no longer need to worry about version control issues, security of sensitive data or audit trails.

Multiple people can work in the same worksheet, updating it in real-time, all seeing the most recent data and working on the same version. Budget contributors more readily engage in the process, gain deeper understanding of financial data and are more accountable for their numbers. Benefits abound for finance team members who gain lost time from not chasing and cross-checking numbers.

Take advantage of the non-financial and operational data already in your ERP. Re-forecast estimates during the budget period or prepare a rolling forecast to keep pace with changing market conditions. So you always have a clear picture of your business.


Shorten budget cycle times and engage your stakeholders with an intuitive tool

User-friendly budgeting allows contributors to readily engage in the process, gain deeper understanding of the financial data and be more accountable for their numbers.


Continuous planning with rolling forecasts

Easily re-forecast on a quarterly or even monthly basis to ensure your business is adapting to fast-changing marketing conditions.


Model different scenarios

Be prepared to pivot your business and mitigate risk with the help of what-if scenario planning.

Better predict what’s going to happen in your business with a more dynamic and user-friendly solution. Your budget process becomes seamless and ultimately more accurate. The solution is well-suited to rolling forecasts, allowing you to keep pace with changing market conditions and have a clearer picture of your business.

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